Ntel Discontinues Wawu Plan, See New Data Plans


Ntel has officially discontinued the Wawu Plan and revisited the plan.

You won’t be able to subscribe to ntel wawu plan of N1000 for 12GB. Additionally, unlimited weekly is now N5,000 and no longer N3,750. The expiry dates for the Revisited ntel Wawu plan have been reduced to 7 & 14 days respectively.

During the early days of 2018, Ntel unleashed Wawu Sim which gives users free 10GB data on first purchase of the Sim, 12GB of Data for just N1,000 and 24GB for just N2,000,  including 500% data bonus and 8kb/sec on calls.

We included this offer as one of the cheapest data plan 2018 but something bad happened to Ntel during the last months of 2018.

They had a problem with their network/server which warranted them to shut down their users’ panel (myntel.com.ng).

Currently, Ntel Users can’t top up their data nor subscribe to any bundle.

Old Wawu Data Plans

  1. WAWU N500 for 6GB, Validity 30 days
  2. WAWU N1000 for 12GB, validity 30 days
  3. WAWU N2,500 for 24GB, validity 30 days
  4. WAWU N3,000 for 48GB, validity 30 days
  5. WAWU N7,500 for 96GB, validity 30 days

Revisited Wawu Data Plans

  1. WAWU N2000 for 6GB, Validity 7days
  2. WAWU N4000 for 16GB, validity 7days
  3. WAWU N8,500 for 45GB, validity 14 days
  4. WAWU N10,000 for 96GB , validity 14 days

Also note that the Unlimited Weekly price is now N5,000 instead of N3,750 (old price), while the unlimited Monthly remains the same (N17,500).

This change might cause them to lose customers if care isn’t taken, Let me know what you think below.

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