How to Fix Android Phone Won't Charge Issues


Good day, I'm gonna show you what you need to do if your phone stop charging especially Samsung Galaxy 1users not charging without no reason.


I'm going to show you what you need to do to fix it, so before the standard process , let me show you what you need to do if you're having problem charging your phone.

I'm using the Samsung Galaxy 850 for this article, just connect this charger to your phone and you'll see the only thing that shows is charging but it doesn't add to it's percentage.


So, what you wanna do if you have the same problem just press the power button and connect the charger at the same time.


So press the power button button down and really fast just connect the charger into the phone, I assure you when you see the Samsung Galaxy a50 you know still keep both buttons downs just gonna go back to the same logo charging logo and after 10 seconds just release both hands and just leave it like that so you're gonna see in like 5 to 10 seconds it's going to start charging.


That's it.


However, just so just in case if you still got the same problem let me show you something else that you can do to fix it.


What you're going to do is just press the power button and volume up so once you press those buttons connect the charger really fast.


Now when it's power button and volume up and connect the charger so once you see the Samsung Galaxy still keep both buttons down and when you see this mini pop up they and recovery so what you gotta do right here.


Just leave your phone charging for like 2 hours straight just put it to charge and after 2 hours what you gonna do just press the power button only once.


Your phone will go off and turn back on automatically. Your phone will be working 100%, so your phone might have after two hours charging so you might have like 50% charge but you know if your battery is not a hundred percent charge just leave it charging for like half an hour depending on how much charge your battery has and your phone is gonna be good to go.


That's what you gotta do if your phone won't charge or if your phone won't recognize the charger.


I hope this video fix your problem. if you got a question please let me know.


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