How To Make A Simple Battery Torch


In this post, i'm going to teach you how to make a simple battery torch with Home Made materials.
With this simple tutorial, you can make your own simple torch yourself for any necessities without being troubled by darkness.
Just Read Along...

For this experiment to be successful, you must get the following materials:

  1. 9 Volt Batteries
  2. Led
  3. resistor

  • Tear off one of the Battery silver coated cover with pliers
  • remove the Battery inside

  • Pull off the terminal connector
  • Cut little part of the negative terminal of the battery with scissors
  • Solder  the resistor to the positive terminal of the Battery's terminal connector
  • Solder the other terminal of the resistor to the short terminal of the LED

  • Fix the unused 9 volt Battery oppositely to the terminal connector
When The Free LED Terminal Touches The Other Terminal Of The Connector, It Transfers Current Which Makes it Work As Your Simple Home Made Touch.

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