Get 5GB for N50, 10GB for N100 and More


MTN has decided to put a smile on our face. This time, we are going to show you a plan on MTN that offers 5GB for N50, 10GB for N100, 20GB for N200.

NOTE: this offer is based on eligibility but don't feel heartbroken because  almost everyone that gave the offer a try is  on the lucky side, so it might be your turn to get the 5GB data for N50. If it doesn't work on your SIM, you can try it with another MTN SIM or get new one!

It's ever simple to access the bonus and it can be achieved by following the below steps:

How to Activate 5GB for N50 on MTN

  1. Dial *662#
  2.  Select 6 for WECHAT N50
You'll be given an additional 5GB which is valid for 7days / 1 week.

How to Activate 10GB for N100, 20GB for N200 on MTN

These can be achieved only by accumulating the data and here's the simple logic:

Since N50 gives you 5GB, that means you'll get 10GB for N100, 20GB for N200 and soon...

All we need to do is redial the above code to resubscribe to WECHAT/repeat the above steps to get 10GB and then keep doing same till you accumulate to your satisfaction.

You can check your data balance by dialing *131*4#.

Don't forget to drop a comment if you've gotten your 5GB data working and to share the post to your social media.

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