Super Vision Drone Underwater


  Underwater drone operates from the land or water by connecting the main unit and the control unit with cables of 50 to 70 m. 

  It is able to behave underwater with a maximum depth of 30 m and mount camera for underwater photography and fish finder as standard. It is possible to check the state of underwater structures using images, or to locate fish schools with detectors.

  This underwater Drone has the following functions:
  •  it can be used for  fishery assistance
  • management of fish farms
  • inspection of the bottom of the ship
  • maintenance and management of aquariums and pools. 


  The sonar system can detect fish up to 131ft below the swimming robot and can dive up to 98 feet.
PowerRay comes with an optional, remotely operated precision remote bait drop. 

   The remotely operated precision remote bate drop helps deliver the users bait to the desired location, which they can then monitor and control the entire fishing experience through the app.

  The Wi-Fi system transmits images and data to a companion app for both iOS and Android.

   The app provides the PowerRay's position in real-time, lets users select travel mode, speed and lighting and operate the integrated 4K UHD camera functions for underwater photography and videography.

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